Mark Cool


Mark is the founder and CEO of the business, a visionary leader who has helped the business to double in revenue year over year since 2021, his first year running the business close to full-time (with other businesses still going part-time). Mark was a carpenter and had a residential remodeling business for 12 years (this is where the name ivegotahammer came from). He also had art businesses, making art and furnishings from reclaimed wood, and even a spin-off of that- A golf art business, where he made and sold unique golf plaques made from reclaimed materials.  Mark has dabbled in real estate since the 1990s, when he was a licensed agent in Los Angeles, CA, and also worked for a mortgage broker. Later, as a carpenter, he did a couple of flips and had rental properties. In 2021, Cool hung up his tool belt in favor of investing in properties, and ivegotahammer REI was born.