Nice 0.72-acre Lot in Wilson County! Water and sewer is Available

Price: $9,999.00

Check out this 0.72-acre lot in a quiet neighborhood in Elm City, NC! This lot is only a minute away from downtown Elm City!

Address: Daniel Dr, Elm City, NC 27822 This lot has no street address yet. To navigate the property, search for “900 N Parker Street.” The land for sale is at the back of 900 N Parker St. If you are on Daniel Dr the lot for sale is to the right of 900 N Parker St if you are facing it

Get this lot for only $9,999!

Lot Dimensions: 75 ft. width (front), 200 ft. (back) width x 319 (left) depth, 213 (right) depth

Zoned as R10, stick-built, and modular homes are allowed.

Water and sewer are available.

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