475 Reclaimed Wood Golf Plaques

This is a batch of my popular reclaimed wood golf plaques made in early spring 2016 out of reclaimed kitchen cabinets found in the Durham, NC area.

About two thirds of them were from knotty pine cabinets estimated to be made in the 1960s or 70s. The others were also pine cabinets with distressed off-white paint also 1960s-ish.

I framed them with 1920s Southern Yellow Pine lath, dumpster-dived  from a house in Durham near Oval Park on club Boulevard.

The majority of the golf clubs came from the scrap metal yard and thrift stores in the Durham area.

I have been using ten popular quotes for these and occasionally sprinkling in others if I get a cool autographed club, like the Chi-Chi one pictured.

I have been making these since 2013 and they have been a very popular item, providing a unique, hand-made gift option for golfers.


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