Cigarette butts collected outside a pool hall, a 1970’s comic book cut out, .22 bullets, reused paintbrushes all on a salvaged applejack brandy keg lid. A fun Friday blog post!

I put a vintage British pound coin in the center. The piece also includes a rusty found bbq grill and a tomato can lid.

There is a lot of cigarette folk art out there, some really cool stuff if you google it. The ultimate reuse of found objects.

I first became interested in cigarette art in the 1990s when I was living in L.A. The singer Beck was also in LA at the time, and he had a gallery show with his grandfather displaying their folk art, which included cigarette butts in some of the works.

I got this cool brandy keg lid and some staves from Potter’s Craft Cider in Charlottesville, VA. They reuse brandy barrels to age some of their cider in, and then they break them down after a single use.

I made another piece on one of these oak lids that also had cigarette butts with golf tees and other objects. It was purchased by the Wine Authority and hung in the men’s restroom at their Raleigh Store.

When thinking about the piece, I brainstormed where I might find butts in bulk and variety. I came up with the pool hall in Hillsborough, about 5 minutes from my workshop. It was pretty easy to gather dozens of them in a short time. I sealed them with Krylon spray seal to isolate germs.

The comic book was found in a dumpster in Durham. It’s from 1970. The paintbrushes are reused onesĀ from my shop, and there is a nice 10″ rusty saw blade plus a grill that I found a a site where I was salvaging wood.

This piece is about 20″ in diameter and an inch or so thick. The Laird and Co brandy stamp is faintly visible on the lid.

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